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High-Security cyber-top Laptop

The cyber-top laptop ensures that mobile personnel are able to connect to your network securely. It does this by creating reliably encrypted virtual private network (VPN) connections to the access point in your network. As a result, personnel on the road or working from home can retrieve and work with sensitive data. 

The cyber-top offers you many more possibilities, however. To achieve a high level of protection, many companies use network segregation for sensitive areas, restricting access to data related to, e.g., corporate management, patents or mergers & acquisitions to management and relevant departmental personnel.

With the cyber-top laptop, personnel have the convenience of being able to work in high-security networks and at the same time use e-mail or office applications in other areas – without a security risk. The cyber-top uses L4 separation technology to reliably keep the different security areas on the compact laptop apart from one another.

Top Highlights

  • High security through working in strictly separated networks

  • VPN connection via mobile telephony, WLAN, and Ethernet with technology "Made in Germany"

  • Easy administration via central management station

All benefits of cyber-top at a glance

  • Secure connection of mobile employees
  • High laptop security by working in strictly separated networks
  • Compact laptop with familiar applications is easy to operate
  • VPN connection via mobile telephony, WLAN, and Ethernet with technology "Made in Germany"
  • Reliable hard drive encryption
  • Security of investment through IPv6 support
  • Easy administration via central management station
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer

High Laptop Security Through Strict Separation

The L4 separation system creates strictly isolated compartments on the security laptop: mail and office applications run on their own operating system in one compartment, in another the corporate management data can be processed, and in a third – if necessary– the patent data, etc. You can configure multiple compartments on the cyber-top as needed. Because the separation includes the operating system, malicious software cannot find its way from one compartment to another – for example, from the office compartment to the corporate management one.

This consistent separation is your guarantee of high security. Furthermore, the entire hard drive of the security laptop is reliably encrypted and the key stored on a smart card. Even if the laptop is lost, no one can access your data.

Convenient to Use Anywhere

For employees, the cyber-top is convenient to use despite its exceptional security performance. 

They can work under Windows or Linux with their accustomed applications. In addition, an integrated VPN gateway (virtual private network) and a firewall run in isolated compartments as they are critical security systems. These protect from unauthorized access and allow VPNs to be established for data transfer via, for example, the Internet. Our VPN solutions use the strongest encryption algorithms and are unbreakable with today’s technology. This means that your employees can use the laptop to call up and work with sensitive data wherever they are – in the office, while working from home or when on the road.

Separated Networks for Data Security

Low Complexity as a Security Feature

The L4 technology used in the Security Laptop cyber-top not only protects your IT with its consistent separation, another important feature is its low complexity. L4 is a minimally programmed microkernel operating system and has only a few thousand lines of code. In contrast to an operating system with several million lines of code, all of the source code can be thoroughly examined for errors. The high quality of our security solution is also verified by the certification of the vs-top laptop for use up to the German classification level "RESTRICTED" by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This is due to the fact that the cyber-top laptop is based on the same technology as the vs-top.

Central Administration via Management Station

the Security Laptop cyber-top is centrally administrated using the Central Management Station genucenter. This means that you can keep an eye on a number of users’ laptops from a central location and can modify the configuration or install updates at any time, ensuring consistent implementation of your security policy. You are thereby able to achieve a very high level of security throughout your company.

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