IT Security Solutions from genua for Critical Infrastructures.

The protection of the population is dependent on the functionality of critical infrastructures. Consequently, the highest requirements are placed on security. 

Secure IT Infrastructures in Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Whether for the energy and water supply or in the health sector: the functionality of many of the systems on which the population relies in daily life run digitally.

This ensures fast communication but also makes the systems the target of cyber attacks. Operators of critical infrastructure therefore need to verify in accordance with § 8a BSIG that their IT security is state of the art and is, therefore, optimally protected.

Above all, precise monitoring of the connections between internal and external communication networks is essential here. The products from genua ensure a secure IT landscape in critical infrastructures by, among other things, protecting data against unauthorized access by means of unique firewalls. Our IT security applications, which are produced exclusively in Germany, are certified with Common Criteria (CC) EAL 4+.

Reasons Why

IT Security Made in Germany

For us, the label "IT Security Made in Germany" means combining quality, performance and service at a world-class level with a company culture whose pillars are integrity, customer orientation, sustainability and loyalty to location.

Maximum Security 

genua meets the highest national and international security standards, a fact documented by, among other things, certificates and approvals for the restricted data sector. Our VPN solutions, for example, are approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) up to the German classification level RESTRICTED (Classified – For official use only).

Stability and Reliability

genua considers itself to be part of the IT security ecosystem in Germany. As a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group, we combine long-term, strategic and financial stability with innovation and research intensity.

Effective Solutions in the Critical Infrastructure Environment

genua accompanies critical infrastructure organizations from the conception of a legally sound IT security infrastructure to the selection and implementation of compliant IT security products and the training and on-site support of the internal teams.

Quality Without Compromise

The solutions from genua are developed on the basis of certified quality management processes. Our QM certification verifies the highest quality standards for products, services and processes. Furthermore, genua uses the IT security certificates of the BSI for periodic quality assurance by an external, recognized testing authority.

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With the genucenter as a central management station, we administrate all remote maintenance elements from a central point. (…) The remote maintenance solution is simple and secure. Even if a laptop belonging to an external service technician is stolen, the laptop will make it only as far as the parking lot in front of the building. The interior of the building itself remains secure. This is security by default.

Tobias Birk, IT security specialist, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Württemberg

Our customers from the utilities sector have high security requirements and require availabilities of up to 99.9 percent for central applications. (…) With a two-level firewall, we achieve the security level and availability that we need to guarantee in order to satisfy the high demands of our customers from the utilities sector.

Holger Maschke, Director System & Infrastructure Services, arvato Systems perdata gmbh

Through the two-fold inspection with content control, the firewall offers strong protection. As a result, we’ve never had security problems. Even repeated penetration tests performed against the firewall by independent experts on our behalf or on behalf of security-aware customers were unable to reveal any weaknesses.

Thomas Barth, Senior System Engineer in System & Infrastructure Services, Arvato Systems perdata gmbH

Certification of the components in accordance with the BSI protection profile is no longer required. But after having very good experiences with the components from genua, we continue to do so. This has proven to be very effective. These are complete appliances with hardware and software components built to match. Security and functionality are already optimized for the increased requirements. The genua company brings a great deal of experience to the table in this regard.

Project leader of the VPN access services, CompuGroup Medical Germany

Solutions from genua in Use: Customer Stories from the Critical Infrastructure Sector

Our solutions secure the exchange of information in the application fields with the highest security requirements. Learn more from the practical experience of our customers.

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Remote Maintenance for Critical Infrastructure: Made Possible through Security

Remote maintenance for critical infrastructure? A sensitive matter. The IT systems of the German Pension Insurance Association process medical and social data and are classified as critical infrastructure. The German Pension Insurance Association shows how remote maintenance that needs to satisfy the highest security requirements can be achieved.

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Case Study

Ansbach Regional Authority uses Firewall from genua

The two conflicting requirements - high IT security and convenient networking - have been met by the Ansbach District Office by using the High Resistance Firewall genugate, a two-stage system, on its own Internet connection.

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