genusecure Suite: The Comprehensive Security Solution for Classification Level German VS-NfD Compliant Workplaces

With genusecure Suite, working remotely in compliance with the classification level German VS-NfD is easy to implement – with 100 % usability and flexibility.

This enables the public sector and companies to create an ideal workplace anywhere and anytime, where state-of-the-art technologies simplify and secure workflows and minimize the risk of data loss on all end devices.

genusecure Suite meets all BSI requirements for secure teleworking while providing the performance of advanced IT tools for effortless collaboration. New-Work-compliant workplaces that meet the classification level German VS-NfD can thus be easily established as needed, and the users benefit directly from proven and powerful solutions for classification level German VS-NfD.

Top Highlights

  • All-in-one security for organizations with VS-NfD requirements

  • Simple and needs-based provision of secure, New-Work-compliant workplaces

  • Full integration with Microsoft Windows

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genusecure Suite is designed for any organization that requires classification level German VS-NfD, and it safeguards connections, applications, and data of mobile devices running Windows 10 or 11.

All Benefits of genuSECURE SUITE at a glance

  • All-in-one security: genusecure Suite is designed for any organization that requires classification level German VS-NfD, and it safeguards connections, applications, and data of mobile devices running Windows 10 or 11

  • Simple and convenient: The users work via the familiar Windows interface without any additional layers

  • Future-proof and mobile: The completely software-based suite offers all-round security for New-Work concepts

  • Reliable and approved by the BSI: The VPN Software Client genuconnect and the hard drive encryption Utimaco DiskEncrypt meet the highest security requirements and are approved by the BSI

genusecure Suite Combines Proven, Integrated Solutions for Classification Level German VS-NfD

The individual components of genusecure Suite work together seamlessly, even with updates and adjustments. They are managed centrally and can be configured individually.

After personalizing the end device via a smart card, the workplaces and tools are ready for use – and they offer the decisive technological prerequisites for an innovative and highly secure working environment.

Complete VPN Ecosystem for Maximum Security

The Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen complements genusecure Suite to create a complete VPN ecosystem “Made in Germany”: This gives companies and government organizations the opportunity to flexibly set up secure remote workplaces according to their individual requirements.


genusecure Suite offers High Security Components

Automatic and highly secure, BSI-approved connectivity for all remote users via the VPN Software Client genuconnect from genua GmbH


Top level hard drive encryption approved by the BSI with Utimaco DiskEncrypt


Secure multi-factor authentication and digital signatures with smart card middleware Nexus Personal Desktop Client

Nexus Personal Desktop Client


genuconnect VPN Software Client

The IT security solution enables highly secure connections to the network of organizations on devices running Windows 10 or 11, which ensures secure remote working.

Technology Benefits for genusecure Suite

  • Fully integrated with hard drive encryption and smart card middleware
  • Hard drive encryption and VPN Software Client are approved for classification levels German VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/ EU RESTRICTED
  • Maximum protection is ensured through the use of proven IPsec technology and BSI-compliant crypto algorithms in combination with a smart card
  • Use of common smart cards (from CardOS 5.x, optimally 5.3)
  • genuconnect can easily be scaled for infrastructures with more than 100,000 VPN clients

Flexibility and Future-Proof for Users and Companies

  • It automatically establishes a highly secure VPN connection for all users

  •  Impressive user-friendliness

  • Seamless workflow with powerful security features

  • Mobile devices are secured against unauthorized access

  • Scalable with expanding infrastructures

  • Compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem: The VPN Software Client is managed with the existing Windows tools for quick installation, configuration, updates, and uninstallation

Utimaco DiskEncrypt

The hard drive encryption was specially designed and developed for German government customers and industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy in accordance with the requirements of the BSI.

Technology Benefits for genusecure Suite

  • Pre-boot authentication via smart card offers effective protection against unauthorized data access if a laptop is stolen or lost
  • Secure entropy generation using a random number generator approved by the BSI and HSM – Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 for classification level German VS-NfD (optional) or smart card integration
  • Support for Microsoft upgrade feature allows upgrading Windows 10 SAC to a subsequent version while keeping the encrypted partitions/ hard drives

Flexibility and Future-Proof for Users and Companies

  • Sector-based, hard drive encryption with reliable data security without sacrificing performance
  • DiskEncrypt clients are configured completely offline
  • Approved for information with classification levels German VS-NfD, EU RESTRICTED, and NATO RESTRICTED
  • User-transparent partition encryption with reliable encryption algorithm
  • Effective protection against bypassing the Windows password
  • Very user-friendly with familiar Windows OS logon process after pre-boot authentication

Nexus Personal Desktop Client

Nexus Personal Desktop Client is a smart card middleware that makes secure multi-factor authentication and digital signatures simple and straightforward. The solution integrates smart cards, security tokens, and features such as e-mail encryption.

Technology Benefits for genusecure Suite

  • Can be integrated with third-party applications using standardized APIs, such as Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CAPI) on Windows and PKCS#11 on all different platforms
  • Browser TLS client certificate authentication
  • Browser signing and authentication using Personal Desktop plug-out technology

Flexibility and Future-Proof for Users and Companies

  • Authentication and signing in web applications, cloud services, and desktop smart card environments
  • Straightforward Windows login
  • Authentication/signature in standard applications such as browsers, e-mail clients, and Windows login process
  • E-mail encryption
  • Convenient user interface for viewing and managing token properties and certificates

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