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Internal Network Security

Highly secure encryption, fast anomaly identification, and comprehensive risk assessment

Internal network security strengthens firewall solutions and monitors data traffic at critical interfaces. Not only is the highly secure encryption of data important, the rapid recognition of anomalies and a valid and extensive risk assessment is as well.

The cognitix Threat Defender from genua satisfies these tasks reliably and simultaneously. As a key element of "Security Defined Networking," the cognitix Threat Defender supports those who are responsible for IT security – be it for the restructuring of business processes in the context of digitization, or for ensuring data privacy.

cognitix Threat Defender

In addition to the dangers of cyberattacks from the outside, networks are also increasingly threatened from within by advanced persistent threats and zero days. Intrusion prevention systems with threat intelligence offer a solution. The cognitix Threat Defender from genua goes beyond intrusion prevention. With AI, data analytics and threat intelligence capabilities, it builds a second line of defense in the network to complement your firewall solutions that control and secure data traffic at the interfaces.

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We tested the cognitix Threat Defender and were surprised how quickly we received the first real time overview of the network traffic. After the software base installation, a standard set of rules is already available that provides an overview of the network and the installed devices.

André Hermbusch, General Manager, datenhain GmbH

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Case Study

Anomaly Detection Protects Internal Data Traffic

High reliability during operation and cost savings in service and support: The remote maintenance of SAP systems provides considerable user benefits. However, risks need to be avoided during remote access by external experts and a very high level of protection must be ensured. A remote maintenance solution developed by genua together with SAP identifies new possibilities. It transfers a remote maintenance concept from the industrial sector to the SAP world.

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