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Modern Network Security with Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Anomaly Detection in the Network

In addition to the dangers of cyber attacks from the outside, networks are also increasingly threatened from within by advanced persistent threats and zero days. One solution is provided by intrusion prevention systems with threat intelligence that detect anomalies and attack patterns in the LAN and automatically intervene in the event of danger.

The innovative cognitix Threat Defender goes beyond intrusion prevention. With AI, data analytics and threat intelligence capabilities, it builds a second line of defense in the network to complement your firewall solutions that control and secure data traffic at the interfaces. Opt now for intelligent network security – from the inside and the outside.

Top Highlights

  • Full visibility of the entire network traffic and all devices

  • Solution for "Security Defined Networking" combines the functions of various IT security platforms (NGFW, IDS, SIEM, ...)

  • Digital sovereignity through development in Germany

Dynamic Network Segmentation with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

With artificial intelligence and data analytics, cognitix Threat Defender groups network participants into dynamic network objects according to their behavior. It reacts automatically to changed or undesired behavior and can deny conspicuous network participants access to certain resources if anomalies are detected – without manual intervention.

All Benefits of cognitix Threat Defender at a Glance

  • Full visibility of the entire network traffic and all devices
  • Full control of network traffic and behavior
  • Dynamic implementation of security guidelines: the behavior of devices/services/accounts determines the effective policies in the network
  • Tool for "Security Defined Networking" combines functions from various IT security platforms (NGFW, IDS, SIEM, ...)
  • Behavior-based, dynamic microsegmentation of physical networks up to application layer 7 in the device
  • Detection, analysis and behavior control in real-time for encapsulating attacks and dynamic network segmentation 
  • Intuitive and accessible monitoring with drilldown reporting
  • Digital sovereignty through development "Made in Germany"
  • Part of a comprehensive security solution concept from genua for enterprise IT and industrial OT
  • Fast sampling and inline platform for the use of data science, machine learning and AI for network and threat analysis

Real-Time Analysis and Management of Devices with Asset Tracking

IT security requires complete transparency. 

cognitix Threat Defender recognizes and manages all devices on the network using IP and MAC addresses. Specific metadata are added to the information obtained for this purpose. In this way, security guidelines can be created and applied for individual devices and their respective applications. This possibility also exists for device groups, for example for computers with Windows operating systems.

German Law Requires a System for Detecting Cyber Attacks in Critical Infrastructures

From May 1, 2023, operators of critical infrastructures and companies in the special public interest are obliged to implement an attack detection system. With cognitix Threat Defender, affected organizations can now meet this regulation at special conditions.

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Comprehensive Monitoring with Drill Down Reporting

The interactive real-time reporting ranges from an overview of network traffic to individual user and application details. With over 600 interactive matrices and diagrams, you can quickly and effectively analyze your network, servers, applications, public clouds, containers, storage, databases, and environmental sensors from a variety of angles, including communication source and destination, IP addresses, applications, and protocols.

Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive overview shows possible anomalies in your network

Policy Overview

Your rules allow or restrict network activities

Anomaliy Indication

Unexpected traffic appears on a port

Anomaly Investigation

Detailed representation of the unexpected traffic allows targeted actions

Easy Integration and Attractive License Model

cognitix Threat Defender does not require any modifications to your existing routing infrastructure and can be easily and flexibly integrated into your network. It is available as a software solution with an attractive license model or with suitable hardware for the respective application. We will be happy to provide you with information about the system requirements for use on your existing hardware.

Knowledge Base

As a collaborative learning company, it is our mission to continuously improve and share our knowledge of IT Security with you. In our Knowledge Base we offer you articles, white papers, analyst reports, research results, videos and more in the field of IT security.

Case Study

Anomaly Detection Protects Internal Data Traffic

High reliability during operation and cost savings in service and support: The remote maintenance of SAP systems provides considerable user benefits. However, risks need to be avoided during remote access by external experts and a very high level of protection must be ensured. A remote maintenance solution developed by genua together with SAP identifies new possibilities. It transfers a remote maintenance concept from the industrial sector to the SAP world.

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cognitix Threat Defender is constantly evolving to protect your organization from cyber threats in the best possible way.
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