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Confidential Communication via the Internet with genucrypt

The genucrypt VPN Appliance provides you with face-to-face confidentiality when communicating across public networks.

Our solution establishes encrypted connections – virtual private networks (VPNs) – that securely bypass public networks. Data can thereby be conveniently and reliably protected while it is exchanged over the Internet, for example, between a company’s various locations. As a cloud provider, you can use the genucrypt VPN Appliance to securely connect your customers to your services.

Easily Set Up Complex Networks and Bandwidth Management

You can also connect individual clients – genucrypt sets no limits here. 
The appliance allows you to set up as many VPN connections as you need to securely link complex networks. And a sophisticated bandwidth management system ensures that important data always has priority in the VPN tunnels and is sent immediately to the recipient.

Top Highlights

  • Support of various topologies for flexible site connection

  • Secure and backdoor-free VPN "Made in Germany"

  • Efficient and fail-safe thanks to high throughput and HA

Large VPN with Just a Few Tunnels

With genucrypt, you can connect any number of local networks using a VPN – without the need to establish a complex maze of VPN tunnels. The numerous individual connections between the networks are distributed over a greatly reduced number of VPN tunnels through the cleverly used IPsec functions. Thus, multiple individual connections that are strictly separated from one another pass through each tunnel. This minimizes expense associated with configuration, maintenance, and computer capacities, while at the same time eliminating a large number of error sources.

Uncomplicated: genucrypt as a Bridge

You do not need to change your network to set up the VPN. genucrypt can simply be inserted as a bridge in the existing network. From this point on, it encrypts communication with the other networks. Even large VPN networks can be easily managed, as the connections of all participants are controlled by a central management server. This means that you can install and operate a powerful VPN for secure data exchange between your distributed networks with very little effort as well as flexibly expand it as requirements change.

VPN Communication Between Distributed Locations

Bandwidth Management for Sensitive VoIP Communication

The genucrypt VPN implementation is also ideally suited for Voice over IP (VoIP). This means your conversations are protected from eavesdroppers and that adequate bandwidth is always guaranteed for the sensitive telephony protocol. The reason is that our VPN hardware offers a sophisticated bandwidth management system by means of which you can specify preferred protocols for data transfer using demanding applications such as VoIP, SAP or even videoconferencing.

All benefits of genucrypt at a glance

  • Confidential communication between distributed company networks
  • Encrypted connection to cloud services
  • Encrypted data transfer via VPN technology made in Germany
  • Simple setup and operation of a large VPN through bridging function
  • Load sharing ensures high performance
  • Bandwidth management for demanding protocols
  • Reliability through high-availability clusters
  • Easy administration via central management station
  • Comprehensive support of IPv6
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer 

Secure Encryption and PKI

genucrypt meets the highest security requirements. Your data is encrypted absolutely securely using strong algorithms. On request, keys can be created, administered, and distributed to external tokens on the VPN Appliances using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with a central server. There are then no keys on the device itself. As a result, the appliance is immediately removed from the VPN upon removal of the token. genucrypt can also already function with IPv6. Our customers can thus be certain that they are purchasing a high-quality and future-proof solution.

Always Connected with Clusters

Important communication connections must absolutely be fail-safe. This can be ensured by using genucrypt in high availability clusters: the bundled appliances distribute the work that arises using load sharing. Should a system fail, the team members immediately take over the active connections of the failed system. In addition, you instantly receive an alarm message if a problem arises with a device or a connection. You can thus always rely on the optimum performance and total availability of your VPN connections. 

The appliance is administrated via its own web GUI or, if you use several devices, conveniently using the user-friendly genucenter Management Station. To meet the various requirements, we offer genucrypt in a number of different hardware variants, ranging from a maintenance-free, compact appliance up to rack server solutions for high data throughput.

Case Study

CompuGroup Medical Germany: A Highly Secure VPN Access Service for the Entire Healthcare Sector

The construction of the telematics infrastructure is considered to be the largest IT project in the healthcare sector. It networks doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and health insurance funds and enables access to the health data of 70 million people in Germany covered by the statutory health insurance.

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