Confidential Communication via the Internet with genucrypt

The genucrypt VPN Appliance provides you with face-to-face confidentiality when communicating across public networks.

Our solution establishes encrypted connections – virtual private networks (VPNs) – that securely bypass public networks. Data can thereby be conveniently and reliably protected while it is exchanged over the Internet, for example, between a company’s various locations. As a cloud provider, you can use the genucrypt VPN Appliance to securely connect your customers to your services.

Easily Set Up Complex Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

You can also connect individual clients – genucrypt sets no limits here. The appliance allows you to set up as many VPN connections as you need to securely link complex company networks.

Top Highlights

  • Support of various topologies for flexible site connection

  • Secure and backdoor-free VPN "Made in Germany"

  • Efficient and fail-safe thanks to high throughput and HA

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genucrypt is based on a BSI-certified solution

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Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers

Large VPN with Just a Few Tunnels

With genucrypt, you can connect any number of local networks using a VPN – without the need to establish a complex maze of VPN tunnels. The numerous individual connections between the networks are distributed over a greatly reduced number of VPN tunnels through the cleverly used IPsec functions. Thus, multiple individual connections that are strictly separated from one another pass through each tunnel. This minimizes expense associated with configuration, maintenance, and computer capacities, while at the same time eliminating a large number of error sources.

High Flexibility with Little Effort

Even large VPN networks can be easily managed, as the connections of all clients are administrated via a central management solution. This means that you can install and operate a powerful VPN for secure data exchange between your distributed networks with very little effort as well as flexibly expand it as requirements change.

All benefits of genucrypt at a glance

  • Confidential data communication between distributed company networks
  • Encrypted connection to cloud services
  • Encrypted data transfer via VPN technology made in Germany
  • Comprehensive support of IPv6
  • Simple VPN setup in the existing network structure
  • Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers
  • Easy administration via central management station
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer 

Secure Encryption and PKI

genucrypt meets the highest security requirements. Your data is encrypted absolutely securely using strong algorithms. On request, keys can be created using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with a central server. genucrypt can also already function with IPv6. Our customers can be certain that they are purchasing a high-quality and future-proof VPN solution made in Germany for confidential data protection.

Product Variants for All Requirements and Central Managmement

For the best user experience, the VPN appliance is administrated via its own web GUI or, if you run several devices, conveniently using the Central Management Station genucenter. To meet the various requirements, we offer genucrypt in a number of different hardware variants, ranging from a maintenance-free, compact appliance up to rack server solutions for high data throughput.

Post-Quantum Cryptography: genua Meets Future Security Requirements

With products from genua you can make the transition to post-quantum cryptography. Our update mechanism guarantees trustworthy product updates today and in the future: In addition to a digital signature for maximum security according to current standards, the addition of a quantum-resistant signature already provides effective protection against attacks with quantum computers.

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A Safe Investment in Accordance with the BSI Recommendation

Experts assume that in a few years, quantum computers could weaken or even break the current cryptographic methods. The security of the XMSS method developed by genua in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Technical University of Eindhoven is well understood today. By applying this method, we meet the recommendations for future-proof software updates according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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