VPN Software Client for Secure Remote Access to Company Networks

Employees who access confidential company data on the go must rely on appropriate security of the connection – and expect that security features do not interrupt the workflow.

genuconnect Enterprise provides your organization with a security level comparable to approved solutions. The VPN software client connects laptops and tablets with Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 easily and reliably to company networks. And if your security needs increase: simply switch to the approved genuconnect version.

genuconnect Enterprise automatically establishes a highly secure VPN connection for all users. The interoperability with hard disk encryption, device control and endpoint protection is also ensured. The solution is characterized by low complexity, high scalability, and convincing usability.

Top Highlights

  • VPN software client “Made in Germany” for secure access to confidential data

  • Enables easy switching to the approved version genuconnect

  • Powerful, flexible, and scalable for infrastructures with more than 100,000 VPN clients


  • Based on a highly secure VPN software client with BSI approval, enables easy switching to the approved version
  • Secure VPN technology "Made in Germany" for data communication via untrusted networks
  • Optimum usability: automatic connection establishment without user interaction possible
  • Complete integration in Microsoft Windows
  • High scalability: Can be used with more than 100,000 VPN clients
  • All crypto components developed by genua
  • 2-factor authentication (soft token and password/pin)
  • Compatible with common roll-out mechanisms

Simple and Convenient Administration

genuconnect Enterprise is characterized by interoperability with hard disk encryption, device control, and endpoint protection. It is compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem, which simplifies the installation, configuration, uninstallation, and updates.

Designed for laptops and tablets with Microsoft 10 or 11, the VPN Software Client uses the existing Microsoft security functions. Its unique IT security architecture is based on proven IPsec technology with multi-factor authentication.

Scalable and Backend Friendly

genuconnect Enterprise stands for requirement-based security from a single provider. The solution scales easily for infrastructures with more than 100,000 VPN clients.

Would you like to enable highly secure connections in classified networks in the future? Changing from genuconnect Enterprise to genuconnect is possible without additional hardware or backend readjustment. All you need to switch is the approved VPN Software Client genuconnect and a smart card.


Complete VPN Ecosystem for Increasing Security Requirements

With the genuscreen VPN center and a selection of different clients, genua offers a complete VPN ecosystem “Made in Germany”.

With genua's VPN ecosystem, companies and government organizations have the opportunity to flexibly set up secure remote workplaces according to their individual requirements.

Users of genuconnect Enterprise also benefit from the special advantage of being able to easily switch to the VPN Software Client genuconnect with BSI approval in order to process classified information and other sensitive data at home or on the go if necessary.

In combination with the Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen, you receive a flexible and conveniently administrated complete solution for VS-NfD communication from a single source. Of course, we offer customers specialized advice for a holistic BSI-compliant IT security concept.

Our sales team will be glad to answer your questions. We are looking forward to get in touch with you.