VPN Software Client genuconnect: Secure Connection to Internal Networks

Highly secure communication is imperative when employees work on their employer's IT infrastructures from home, at various locations or while traveling.

Those who work for government organizations or companies in industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy units must generally be able to rely on a corresponding safeguarding of the connection – and expect that security features do not interrupt the workflow.

Maximum security and functionality when using laptops or tablets with Microsoft Windows 10 is provided by the VPN Software Client genuconnect. It protects the connections of these mobile devices against unauthorized access and scales with growing infrastructure.

genuconnect automatically establishes a highly secure VPN connection for all users. The interoperability with hard disk encryption, device control and endpoint protection is also ensured. The solution is characterized by low complexity, high scalability, and convincing usability.

Top Highlights

  • VPN technology "Made in Germany" for secure data access

  • Can be used with more than 100,000 VPN clients

  • Approval for classification levels German VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED

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genuconnect is approved for German VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED.

All benefits of genuconnect at a glance

  • Approval for classification levels German VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED
  • Secure VPN technology "Made in Germany" for data communication via untrusted networks
  • Optimum usability: automatic connection establishment without user interaction possible
  • Complete integration in Microsoft Windows
  • High scalability: Can be used with more than 100,000 VPN clients
  • All crypto components developed by genua
  • Authentication via the user's smart card
  • Compatible with common roll-out mechanisms
  • Complete solution for communication at classification level German VS-NfD with Certificate Solution genutrust

Fast and Simple Use as Security Assistant

genuconnect ensures the security of the connections of laptops and tablets with Microsoft Windows 10 and thereby offers high usability. Users benefit from a native and modern graphical user interface (GUI). Windows performance without compromise and usability of the entire functionality within the framework of the system configuration are a matter of course when using the security assistant.

Moreover, the VPN software client is compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem. genuconnect can be managed with the existing Windows tools, making installation, configuration, update, and uninstallation quick and easy.

Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable

A unique IT security architecture makes genuconnect especially powerful: proven IPsec technology and BSI-compliant crypto algorithms in combination with a smart card provide users with maximum protection.

genuconnect can be used with common smart cards. Authentication for use of the laptop or tablet is performed easily by means of Windows login or as automatic login via smart card. The solution can easily be scaled for operational environments with more than 100,000 VPN clients.

Security on the Move with VPN Software Client and Smart Card

genuconnect sets up a highly secure VPN connection between remote workstations and the organization's network simply and conveniently using an app.

Sensitive data is thus securely protected by genuconnect at all times even when communicating from remote. Mandatory use of smart cards provides an additional level of security.

Combined with the Certificate Solution genutrust, genuconnect provides you with a ready-to-use, flexible and easily administrable complete solution for communication at classification level German VS-NfD from a single source.

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