genutrust: Highly Secure Certificate Solution Compliant with Classification Level German VS-NfD

Private and public sector organizations that are unable to directly access the government public key infrastructure (GPKI) use VPN clients such as genuconnect. For this purpose, they require smart cards with the suitable certificates.

The Certificate Solution genutrust enables the required number of VPN certificates to be acquired as well as e-mail certificates to be set up on smart cards. It can also support a fast replacement of the encryption software Chiasmus. The automated creation of the smard cards contributes to the relief of IT administration staff.

Moreover, genutrust meets all requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) with respect to a PKI and is compliant with classification level German VS-NfD.

Top Highlights

  • Use of all advantages of the D-Trust PKI

  • Automated processes for smart card production

  • Complete VS-NfD ecosystem from a single source

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Acquisition of certificates in accordance with the guidelines TR-03145-1.1 and TR-03145-VS-NfD

All Benefits of genutrust at a Glance

  • Acquisition of certificates in accordance with the guidelines TR-03145-1.1 and TR-03145-VS-NfD
  • Optimized initialization process with automatisms for smart cards
  • Simple usage within existing infrastructures
  • Bundles available with various quantities of certificates
  • Use of all advantages of the D-Trust public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Complete VPN ecosystem for classification level German VS-NfD available from a single source
  • Trustworthy solution "Made in Germany"
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer

Complete Package for Individual Business Units and Large Organizations

The Certificate Solution genutrust includes a newly developed initialization server for acquiring digital certificates from D-Trust GmbH. These certificates meet all BSI requirements – organizations can therefore utilize all the benefits of the D-Trust PKI without the expense and effort of having to set up their own infrastructure.

Furthermore, the initialization server functions as the central platform for collecting the smart card information as well as controlling the smart card printer. This enables the fully automated production of ready-to-use smart cards.

genutrust is compatible with the VPN solutions from genua: The certificates can be used, e.g., for genuconnect with IKEv2. Keys without certificates can also be generated.

Security on the Move with VPN Software Client and Smart Card

genuconnect sets up a highly secure VPN connection between remote workstations and the organization's network simply and conveniently using an app.

Sensitive data is thus securely protected by the VPN Software Client genuconnect at all times even when communicating from remote. Mandatory use of smart cards provides an additional level of security.

Combined with the Certificate Solution genutrust, genuconnect provides you with a ready-to-use, flexible and easily administrable complete solution for secure communication at classification level German VS-NfD from a single source.

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