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Mobile Working

Flexible portfolio for remote working

A stable connection between the home office or remote infrastructures and the company network must ensure a good balance between performance and security. This requires a combination of several technological solutions to be optimally aligned with the individual security and process requirements of the organization.

Whether in the home office or at a mobile workplace, employees today need to be able to access their company’s IT systems around the clock. Prerequisites for a secure home office and for IT security while on the road are the protection of the company network against compromised private systems and a systematic separation of private and business data. genua offers an extensive line of products for remote work that can be combined to create individual solutions.

Security Laptop vs-top

The vs-top laptop from genua ensures that mobile personnel are able to connect securely to sensitive company and official networks. The Security Laptop achieves this through two separate working environments: The first one can be equipped with conventional Windows or Linux applications. The second working environment is used exclusively to process sensitive data. Encrypted connections from this environment to your network are established via mobile telephony, Wi-Fi or Ethernet using an integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, made in Germany.

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Security Laptop cyber-top

The cyber-top laptop ensures that mobile personnel are able to connect to your network securely. It does this by creating reliably encrypted virtual private network (VPN) connections to the access point in your network. As a result, personnel on the road or working from home can retrieve and work with sensitive data. The compact laptop with popular applications is easy to operate and ensures a high level of security by working in strictly separated networks.

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Personal Security Device genucard

The genucard provides a secure VPN for data communication over all channels. It has the official approval of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classification level RESTRICTED. Official public bodies, military units, and contracting companies with access to classified information can therefore use the personal security device to ensure that employees have secure access to data classified as restricted when working from home, in branch offices or while traveling.

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VPN Software Client genuconnect

When working remotely, a highly secure connection to the company’s network is imperative. The VPN Software Client genuconnect does exactly that for laptops and tablets running Microsoft Windows 10.

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With the combination of the genuscreen VPN solution and the ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [SX], genua and ECOS offer maximum protection for the exchange of confidential data in remote operation or in the home office. This can be used extremely flexibly, allowing employees to, for example, even use a private laptop to access information classified as restricted.

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Workshops & Trainings

With the knowledge and practical application experience from our training courses, you can properly use and administer our products.

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Service for our IT security solutions is provided directly by genua or our trained sales partners.

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