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Product Training: Keep Your Knowledge Up-to-Date.

In various training formats for our products, we show you how to correctly use and administrate the systems. Our product training courses focus on the current releases of the security solutions. Furthermore, we explain the structure, and function of our products in detail, discuss installation, configuration and support and explore other current aspects for use.

Regardless of whether you participate in a course at our training location in Kirchheim near Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt or Cologne – you always complete the course with an online test to become a "Certified Specialist" for the respective genua product.

Sales Training: Get to Know the genua Product Portfolio

The genua Product Fundamental Training is intended primarily for sales-oriented employees of our partners. Participation can also be beneficial to technical employees of our partners to obtain an overview of our product palette and learn some sales arguments.

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Exciting Change of Perspective: Welcome to the Hacking Bootcamp

The Hacking Bootcamp is a three day workshop that realistically simulates the dangers of attacks to company networks or network infrastructures. On the basis of real scenarios, users learn how hackers operate and what tools they use. From the perspective of the attacker,  you can better understand where vulnerable points may lie in your infrastructure and what safeguards are necessary.

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