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To enable our customers to securely administrate and fully utilize the genugate firewall, we offer a two part training program: the two day genugate Administrator Training and, building upon this, the three day training course to become a genugate Specialist. These courses always cover the current version of the firewall and are held at our company headquarters in Kirchheim near Munich.  Please note that we offer our regular training dates only in German. English speaking courses are available on request.

Training Types

genugate Administrator 1 Training

Here we explain the structure and function of genugate, then go into detail on the various possibilities of the configuration process as well as ongoing system monitoring. As a participant, you should have basic knowledge of UNIX and TCP/IP. The number of participants is limited to eight per training course so that we can provide you with optimum support.

genugate Administrator 2 Training

In this three-day training course, we cover everything you need to know about the genugate HA option and explore issues with complex firewall installations in detail. For this purpose, practical exercises are performed and strategies for troubleshooting during running operation demonstrated. To solve these complex tasks in the workshop, you should have already completed the genugate Administrator 1 Training course. The number of participants is limited to six persons. At the end of the course, you can take an online test to become a certified genugate Administrator.

genugate Expert Training

In the two day Advanced Training, we show how the High Resistance Firewall genugate is installed, configured and administrated in highly complex operational environments. Important topics here include the SSH relay, DNS concept and SNMPv3. To actively participate in the practical exercises, you should already have completed the genugate Administrator 2 Training course. The number of participants is limited to eight persons.

genugate Release Training

We are constantly further developing our IT security solutions. To ensure that you always know and can properly use all new features, we regularly offer release training courses for our solutions. All innovations are presented, demonstrated and  tried out in practice. Moreover, release training courses are an ideal preparation for the online tests for our products. Here, customers and partners can put their know-how to the test, and, upon successful completion, be awarded a certificate.

Venue and Costs

The training courses take place in genua’s training rooms in Kirchheim near Munich. We also offer the genugate Administrator 1 Training and the genugate Administrator 2 Training courses in Cologne and Berlin. In addition, product training courses are possible on-site with customers. 

English speaking trainings are available on request. If you are interested in German speaking courses, please switch to our German website.

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