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Robust protective armor for sensitive data

The basis of IT security is a defense that provides maximum protection against external attacks. The right firewall performs the function of strong protective armor – both for network security as well as for safeguarding sensitive data.

When designing IT security architectures, a strong firewall at the boundaries of an organization as well as gateways with the highest possible security level are at the top of the agenda. Companies and public authorities that operate with business critical information require sustainable protection of data and applications. The solutions from genua provide proof of security through certificates and approvals from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Firewall & VPN-Appliance genuscreen

The exchange of data between multiple locations via the Internet is both convenient and economical – but must be reliably protected from many prying eyes. Your network as well must be safeguarded against the dangers from the Internet. Yet another common requirement is the creation of protective zones for especially sensitive systems within large networks. We developed the genuscreen Firewall & VPN Appliance for these tasks in particular.

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High Resistance Firewall genugate

Your level of IT security is determined largely at the interface between the Internet and the local network.  This is where attacks from the outside and data sent from the inside pass through. The more carefully data traffic is monitored at this point, the greater the protection you achieve for your entire network.  IT security at this critical junctioH should therefore be given top priority.

The High Resistance Firewall genugate satisfies the highest requirements: two different firewall systems – an application level gateway and a packet filter, each on separate hardware – are combined to form a compact solution.

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Industrial Firewall genuwall

With genuwall, you can implement highly effective barriers against attacks in your production networks (LAN, WAN and VLAN). Depending on the protection requirements, security zones can be configured for individual machines, complete production systems or even production areas. In addition, separation is provided by the genuwall. The Industrial Firewall reliably scans all data traffic and allows only the desired connections.

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Service for our IT security solutions is provided directly by genua or our trained sales partners.

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We selected the genugate firewall from genua because this solution meets our requirements the best. (…) The combination of a BSI-certified security system in which the entire source code must be disclosed, and two-tier, hardware-based firewall technology from Germany is convincing.

Andreas Pecher, IT-Administrator, Municipality of Kirchheim near Munich

Our customers from the utilities sector have high security requirements and require availability of up to 99.9 percent for central applications. (…) With a two-tier firewall, we can achieve the security level and availability that we must guarantee to satisfy the high demands of our customers from the utilities sector.

Holger Maschke, Director System & Infrastructure Services, Arvato Systems Perdata GmbH

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Case Study

EUROGATE Puts its Trust in genugate

EUROGATE, the largest container terminal operator in Europe, uses a cluster with two-tier firewall systems to safeguard and ensure the high availability of its data connections at the LAN-Internet interface.

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