Industrial Firewall genuwall: Strong Protection for Production Networks

An industrial firewall offers strong production network security: All data in the production area is available at all times and confidentiality and integrity are always ensured. Their use is recommended by leading industrial associations, such as the VDMA.

After all, cyber attacks and malicious software can spread through the entire network at any time and cause severe damage. The consequences include plant and machinery malfunctions, expensive standstills, delivery problems and, last but not least, damage to your reputation.

Top Highlights

  • Throughput up to 2 Gbit/s

  • More than a firewall: Data filtering at application level

  • Based on a proven IT security solution audited by the BSI

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genuwall is based on a BSI-certified solution

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Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers

All benefits of genuwall at a glance

  • Detection and rejection of impermissible data packets (OPC UA, Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-104)
  • High security during the segmentation of (OT) networks
  • Defense against industrial spying
  • Reduction in the risk of third-party influence and production downtime
  • Transparency of changes and access (logging, reporting/monitoring)
  • Fast and simple integration in existing networks
  • Flexible usability: standalone configuration and central management possible
  • Simple (re-)installation via USB-(re-)boot
  • Product based on a proven IT security solution audited by the BSI
  • Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers

Ideally Equipped with the genuwall Industrial Firewall

With the Industrial Firewall genuwall, you can implement highly effective barriers against attacks in your production networks (LAN, WAN and VLAN). Depending on the protection requirements, security zones can be configured for individual machines, complete production systems or even production areas. Separation is provided by the genuwall. For effective control, the industrial firewall reliably scans all data communications and allows only the desired connections.

The genuwall handles more than just routing: To create internal security zones, you can, e.g., add the firewall to your network in bridging mode as an invisible stealth system without changing an IP address. The genuwall also offers the following services: DHCP, DNS and NTP. These ensure comfortable administration of your network. Thanks to source and destination NAT, you can easily integrate identical IP address ranges in a production network. In addition, network IP addresses can be hidden from the outside.

Strong Firewall Protection Through Network Segmentation

Production networks with a simple security architecture offer attackers and malicious software maximum areas of attack: Once the firewall is breached, all components and data in the network are endangered. Through the use of zones, it is possible to prevent your entire production infrastructure from being compromised.

Increasing the number of zones decreases the risk of danger. Security problems can easily be detected as a result – time lost, the damage suffered and the costs resulting from a compromised system are significantly reduced. In addition, a verifiable risk reduction solution for your production systems improves your positions in security and supplier audits.

Simple Integration

An industrial firewall is installed at the network boundaries between the security zones. The appliance is very easy to integrate to minimize the amount of work you need to perform. A single appliance achieves a data throughput of up to 2 Gbit/s. Higher performance requirements can be satisfied with clusters. These guarantee high availability at important interfaces. For use in production networks, we offer genuwall on rugged industrial hardware.

Network segmentation using the Industrial Firewall genuwall: Zoning within a company's network for secure production areas

Easy Administration

The Industrial Firewall genuwall is administrated via a central management station or a stand-alone GUI. The management station enables operation of large installations with many appliances. These may even be distributed worldwide. As a result, security policies, logging and bulk operation can easily be implemented. The centralized distribution of patches ensures that your entire system is always up-to-date. You can thereby operate a unified security infrastructure and reliably protect all network segments with very little effort.

The Management Station can also support solutions for plant monitoring and secure remote maintenance, giving you the possibility to easily expand your industrial security as your needs change.

genuwall: Based on a Certified Firewall

The Industrial Firewall genuwall offers IT Security Made in Germany. It is based on the proven genuscreen firewall. This is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to the international Standard Common Criteria (CC) at the strict EAL 4+ level. With genuwall, you obtain a high-quality security solution that can’t be defeated even by skilled attackers.

Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen

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Post-Quantum Cryptography: genua Meets Future Security Requirements

With products from genua you can make the transition to post-quantum cryptography. Our update mechanism guarantees trustworthy product updates today and in the future: In addition to a digital signature for maximum security according to current standards, the addition of a quantum-resistant signature already provides effective protection against attacks with quantum computers.

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A Safe Investment in Accordance with the BSI Recommendation

Experts assume that in a few years, quantum computers could weaken or even break the current cryptographic methods. The security of the XMSS method developed by genua in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Technical University of Eindhoven is well understood today. By applying this method, we meet the recommendations for future-proof software updates according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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EUROGATE Puts its Trust in genugate

EUROGATE, the largest container terminal operator in Europe, uses a cluster with two-tier firewall systems to safeguard and ensure the high availability of its data connections at the LAN-Internet interface.

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