Keep a Grip on Your IT Security with genucenter

genucenter helps you keep a grip on your IT security. The genua security solutions can be configured, administrated and continuously monitored using the standardized GUI of the central management station.

Thanks to this overview, it is easy to stay on top of your IT security and make sure all systems are up-to-date and running flawlessly. You can thus also consistently implement your policies in the entire network. And, if you strengthen your IT security with new appliances, they are easily integrated in the central management station, where they are immediately set up with established configurations.

Central Administration and Monitoring of these IT Security Systems:

  • Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen
  • VPN Appliance genucrypt
  • Remote Service Solution genubox
  • Industrial Firewall genuwall
  • Industrial Gateway GS.Gate
  • Data Diode cyber-diode
  • High Resistance Firewall genugate
  • IDS, IPS, and Next Generation Firewall cognitix Threat Defender

Top Highlights

  • Central role-based administration of the genua solutions

  • Systematic implementation of IT security policies

  • Easy administration of grouped security systems

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Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers

Central Management Station for Your IT Security Ecosystem

Using the central management station pays off: the administrative effort is reduced and the security level improves. The more complex your network, the greater your advantages. Even the administrators of small networks will definitely be relieved of numerous tasks by using central management of the security system – that, they can be sure of!

Conveniently Administrate the IT Security of Complex Networks

An important feature of genucenter is the hierarchical management. Regardless of how complex your company is, the network structure can be precisely mapped in our management system. From the company headquarters down to the individual departments at various locations, the network structure is represented according to your organigram.

Individual user rights can be defined for specific areas, e.g., which workstation may access which server. Systems can be combined to form a tree structure to easily inherit configurations – and thereby save a great deal of administrative effort. In addition, company-wide rules are defined which can, for example, be used to require that employees connect to the company headquarters using a defined VPN and then only access certain applications there. The centralized and concise management make it easy for you to strictly enforce even the most complex rules.

Distribute Tasks with Multi-Client Capable Solution

genucenter can handle multiple clients. Thus, you can assign your administrators specific roles or areas of responsibility: one admin can handle firewalls in Germany while another takes care of the international VPN connections, etc. By means of a changelog, it is possible to determine who made what change and when they made it. 

This feature is also of interest to sales partners and service providers of genua products. You create all customers to whom you provide support as clients. Via a central management station you can thereby reliably manage numerous security systems located at various customers. The customers, in turn, are able to monitor all support work performed in their network via the genucenter’s revisor access. The revisor has only read permissions and is an ideal role for security representatives.

High Security Thanks to a Good Overview

It is not possible to exclude all possible risks in advance, but you should keep an eye on them. With genucenter, all information from the managed security systems flows together and is concisely displayed on modern web interfaces: from software-, configuration-, and patch versions to the status of VPN connections and error messages. This helps you to always stay on top of your IT security and quickly react to problems. Helpful here is the fact that all security solutions from genua use a uniform and unambiguous language. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming interpretation of various error messages, thereby allowing you to immediately get started with finding the solution to the problem.

All Benefits of genucenter at a glance

  • Central administration of the solutions from genua
  • Well-structured web interfaces
  • Multi-client-capable solution
  • Exact mapping of complex networks
  • Easy administration of grouped security systems
  • Systematic implementation of IT security policies
  • Standardized and unambiguous error messages
  • Solution variant genucenter Virtual for operation on the following hypervisors: Hyper-V, Linux KVM, and VMware ESXi
  • Advanced update mechanism protects against attacks with quantum computers
  • Saving of administration effort meets the business requirements of your organization

Post-Quantum Cryptography: genua Meets Future Security Requirements

With products from genua you can make the transition to post-quantum cryptography. Our update mechanism guarantees trustworthy product updates today and in the future: In addition to a digital signature for maximum security according to current standards, the addition of a quantum-resistant signature already provides effective protection against attacks with quantum computers.

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A Safe Investment in Accordance with the BSI Recommendation

Experts assume that in a few years, quantum computers could weaken or even break the current cryptographic methods. The security of the XMSS method developed by genua in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Technical University of Eindhoven is well understood today. By applying this method, we meet the recommendations for future-proof software updates according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Case Study

German Armed Services: Infrastructure for the Communication of Restricted Data

The IT strategy of the German armed services calls for the digitization of operations. At the same time, demands on IT security and usability for modern and attractive IT workplaces are increasing. Furthermore, more and more logistical and administrative tasks are being supported and represented using IT and apps.

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