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genucard Personal Security Device: High-Security Connection to Restricted Networks

Outside of the company network, IT security becomes a major issue: Employees who work in smaller operating sites, or who travel on business frequently need to access your internal network via the Internet to retrieve sensitive data or to use software applications online. This access is very convenient, but it also involves considerable risks. 

Are you sure that the security systems on laptops and workstations used by your employees are always up to date, perform faultlessly, and that your network is accessed solely via secure connections? If you have any doubts, this can be a gateway for unauthorized access – to the PC, and indeed to your entire network. For the crucial area of external employee data communication, we offer a high security solution: the genucard personal security device.

Top Highlights

  • Easy to use via USB; authentication and key handling via PIN pad and smart card

  • Plug & Play with laptop and PC

  • Integrated firewall for connection control within and outside of the VPN

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All benefits of genucard at a glance

  • Self-contained personal security device
  • Firewall and VPN approved for classification levels German and NATO RESTRICTED and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED as well as OCCAR RESTRICTED
  • Easy to use via USB (USB-A and USB-C support)
  • Plug & Play with laptop and PC
  • Integrated firewall for connection control within and outside of the VPN
  • High-security VPN for smooth data communication on all devices
  • Authentication and key handling via PIN pad and smart card
  • Investment security through IPv6 integration
  • Easy administration via central management station
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer

VPN Using All Available Means

As soon as the genucard is activated, e.g., in a home office, it creates a strongly encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the remote peer configured in your network – all data communication is carried out exclusively via this highly secure connection. Possible routes to choose from are WLAN, including public hot spots, mobile telephony, and Ethernet. 

Additional security features are authentication and key handling using a smart card with PIN entry. This is performed via PIN pad directly on the compact device; the status is shown on a display. Without knowing the PIN and possessing the smart card, no one can initiate a connection with your network.

genucard Safeguards the Entire Data Communication Process

The genucard is simply connected to the laptop or workstation via USB and ensures secure access to your network. For this purpose, the following security systems have been installed on this compact device:

  • Firewall
  • VPN gateway
  • Smart card reader

Secure Communication on All Channels

genucards are equipped with the following interfaces to allow high-security data communication across all network channels:

  • WLAN Wi-Fi 5, dual-band
  • LTE (incl. SIM card slot)
  • USB (for extensions, e.g., Ethernet)
  • Smart card

A Self-Contained Device That Guarantees Security

This combination of features provides security for data communication that reliably protects external users. But that’s not all – with the genucard, you also have another significant advantage: The security solution isn’t installed on the computer that it is supposed to protect but rather on an autonomous device with its own operating system. As a result, the genucard remains fully functional even if the computer has already been compromised through careless handling. This means you are guaranteed the highest level of IT security right when it matters most – in an emergency!

Central Administration via Management Station

genucards can be connected to any laptop or PC. While Internet access and VPN profiles are selected using a local GUI, configuration and administration of the genucard is carried out centrally from the genucenter management station. This means that you can control numerous personal security devices centrally and ensure that your desired configuration is installed uniformly throughout, monitor to ensure the correct function, easily transfer updates – and achieve a very high level of IT security.

Approval for Classification Level RESTRICTED

The genucard solution has the official approval of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classification level RESTRICTED.

Official public bodies, military units, and contracting companies with access to classified information can therefore use the personal security device to ensure that employees have secure access to data classified as restricted when working from home, in branch offices or while traveling. According to the new directive for classified information (Verschlusssachenanweisung, VSA), the approval includes the firewall functions in addition to the VPN.


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