High Resistance Firewall Supports IT-Consolidation with New Automation Features

genugate 10.0 supports a REST-API as well as central log evaluation via Elastic Stack

Kirchheim, March 16, 2022. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has approved the High Resistance Firewall genugate 10.0 Z for classification level German VS-NfD, as well as classification levels RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED, and NATO RESTRICTED1. Effective immediately, this current version of the IT security solution supports a REST-API as well as central log evaluation via Elastic Stack. Government institutions as well as businesses with very high protection requirements can thereby extensively automate administration tasks, further consolidate IT infrastructures and, at the same time, reliably secure sensitive infrastructures against cyber risks.

Automated Management of Complex Firewall Systems

Technology trends such as cloud services, remote connections or IT consolidation increase the complexity of IT system landscapes in the public sector as well. This makes it increasingly difficult for IT administrators to efficiently manage and monitor firewalls. The risk of configuration errors and security vulnerabilities thereby increases as well.

To reliably handle complex administration tasks over a large number of appliances, the new version 10.0 Z of genugate supports a REST-API, which offers a machine-readable definition based on the OpenAPI standard. Public authorities and companies can thereby use the firewall on a large scale and easily and transparently automate processes. This includes the creation of host entries, the alignment of policies across multiple installations, the creation of rules for integration in a cloud infrastructure or policy documentation for audit purposes.

Improved Evaluation and Analysis of Log Messages

genugate 10.0 Z also supports central logging via Elastic Stack. Integration with the open-source solution, also known as the ELK Stack, enables convenient evaluation, analysis, and handling of log messages across multiple firewalls via a single user interface (GUI) as well as the real-time monitoring of security-critical functions. Even with highly complex systems with many devices, warning messages can thereby quickly be localized and evaluated and appropriate measures taken.

Web Application Security and Secure Software Updates

Moreover, genugate 10.0 Z is the world's only Web Application Firewall (WAF) to have received certification according to the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ with AVA_VAN.5 (Advanced Methodical Vulnerability Analysis) by the BSI. Designation AVA_VAN.5 stands for a high level of self-protection which has been proven to protect the firewall even against attackers with high attack potential. Especially endangered organizations such as security authorities, the military or operators of critical infrastructures can thereby reliably protect their servers against attacks.

Furthermore, genugate 10.0 Z is the only firewall on the market equipped with a patch management solution certified in accordance with CC EAL4+. This provides an especially effective protection of software maintenance processes such as updates and patches against infiltration attempts.

1IT security products that perform security functions within classified IT applications in the public sector are to be certified by the BSI prior to use. The current BSI approval for genugate 10.0Z is valid until February 2, 2024.

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genugate is a high resistance firewall that combines an application level gateway and a packet filter, each on separate hardware, to form a compact solution. With its two-tier design and a high level of self-protection, the appliance offers an especially high level of security.

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