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Hanover Trade Fair
Hanover, April 1 - 5, 2019
Booth F24 in Hall 6

Full control: remote maintenance solution for machines with extended monitoring

Kirchheim bei München, 20th February 2019. The German IT security manufacturer genua GmbH presents the rendezvous solution for the remote maintenance of machines and systems with extended monitoring features at the Hanover Trade Fair. Remote maintenance helps industrial companies to avoid downtime and save costs. Machine manufacturers can also offer additional services using the solution. With extended monitoring, all maintenance actions are documented by video recording of the user interface and the recordings are made available on a server. With a user-friendly tool, a large number of videos can be centrally managed, archived and watched. Companies can keep track of the type and date of remote maintenance carried out by the service provider in their network. The advanced monitoring features complement the numerous security features of the genua remote maintenance solution, which prevent malware from getting into sensitive production areas. In keeping with the trade fair theme “Integrated Industry”, genua will be presenting further solutions for secure digitization: the Cloud Edge Gateway GS.Gate for cloud connection of machines for industrial analytics to increase efficiency, the Data Diode cyber-diode for monitoring and smooth operation of highly critical systems and the Industrial Firewall genuwall for the protection of sensitive production networks. The Bundesdruckerei, the parent company of genua, completes the offering at the joint booth, including the Bdrive solution for secure data storage in the cloud and a platform for managing the digital identities of humans and machines.

The remote maintenance of machines and plants offers numerous advantages: Machine operators can avoid downtime due to predictive maintenance, and machine builders and service providers can offer additional services. To ensure remote maintenance via the Internet, the service staff require access to the machine operator's production network. genua offers a remote maintenance solution, which has numerous security features to prevent the intrusion of unauthorized persons or malware through the service access.

secure remote maintenance with rendezvous in the DMZ

The core of the solution is a rendezvous server, which is installed in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) next to the firewall. Here, both the maintenance service staff and the machine operator set up encrypted connections at the agreed time. It is the rendezvous on the central server that ensures continuous maintenance connection to the target system. By this, Machine operators avoid uncontrolled external maintenance connections in their sensitive production network. The competent maintenance service staff has to authenticate itself and all actions can be followed live by the machine operator via the user interface. In addition, a video recording is created and stored on a server. The machine operator can view, manage and archive videos by means of a user-friendly tool. Due to the rendezvous solution and the monitoring features, the machine operator can control the entire remote maintenance access at all times and can also clarify and prove responsibilities with retroactive effect.

Cloud Edge Gateway GS.Gate for secure cloud condectivity

The Cloud Edge Gateway GS.Gate can be connected to machines independent of the manufacturer, in order to record operating data, analyze and forward it to the cloud via secure connections. This can be used with industrial analytics data to further increase efficiency. The Security by Design is a key feature of the GS.Gate. A microkernel operating system creates strictly separate areas for analysis applications and security systems. The security advantage: Only specially hardened security systems armed with updates against current threats are exposed to the external network. The data analysis applications can be safely used behind this protective shield without constant interruptions by updates and patches, thus avoiding disruptions. Security by Design guarantees a high level of security and smooth processes. The GS.Gate is a joint development by Schubert System Elektronik GmbH (SSE) and genua GmbH.

Data Diode cyber-diode for connecting highly critical systems

The Data Diode cyber-diode allows the monitoring of gas turbines or chemical plants to prevent downtimes through predictive maintenance without exposing the connected systems to cyber attacks. However, the diode allows only one-way data transfers to interfaces: from the critical system towards the control room of the operator or service provider. Any information flow in the other direction is blocked. In contrast to conventional fiber optic diodes, genua's solution supports not only UDP but also TCP, FTP and SMTP protocols, which guarantee high-performance and reliable data transmission.

Industrial Firewall genuwall creates internal security zones

The Industrial Firewall genuwall allows companies to create internal security zones in their production networks and thus implement barriers against malware attacks: The genuwall organizes the separation, with the connected machines placed in one zone and the systems that are not externally connected placed in another. Separate high-security areas are set up for particularly sensitive systems. The firewall is equipped with a special test software for the industrial standard protocol OPC UA, which allows only the explicitly permitted communication between the zones.

About genua

genua GmbH is a German IT security specialist. Its business activities range from securing sensitive interfaces in public authorities and industry to connecting highly critical infrastructure, reliably encrypting data communication over the Internet and providing remote maintenance systems for industry and remote access solutions for mobile users and home offices. All genua products are developed and produced in Germany. Product quality is ensured by regular certification and approval by the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik). genua was founded in 1992 and now has over 400 employees at its main site in Kirchheim near Munich and subsidiaries in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Over the years, numerous customers from industry and government have come to rely on the experience and solutions provided by the company. genua is part of the Bundesdruckerei group.

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