Remote Maintenance Managed Services

Authorized genua partner offer secure remote maintenance as a complete service package. Special advantages for you as a user:

  • Manageable amount of time required for implementation

  • "Learning by doing" through agreements with the genua partner and therefore more efficient use of your IT staff

  • Economical solution for controlled external access to your network

  • Full control thanks to secure access of selected people

  • Full concentration on the core business while staying up to date


Managed Services: Remote Maintenance

Every business aims to optimize the value creation of its machines and plants. Keeping the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as high as possible depends above all on the availability of the assets and on production quality. Downtime must be avoided and predefined parameters must be monitored and complied with. It is almost impossible to achieve this without targeted process data analysis, cross-site benchmarking and timely maintenance – ideally via an economical, digital and remote approach.

Organizing Secure Remote Maintenance

For predictive maintenance, monitoring, benchmarking and remote maintenance to be carried out quickly and securely even in sensitive plants, special remote maintenance solutions must be used. The IT security solutions from genua can be implemented in collaboration with specially authorized and technically qualified partners. They reduce the effort required of users, and intervention in the respective networks is kept to an absolute minimum.  

Your Advantages with the Managed Service Model

This level of security can be achieved on a permanent basis and for various plant areas by working with service providers. genua partners help users to set up and operate custom remote maintenance solutions of this kind. With their technical know-how and many years of experience, these external IT experts are permanently available without you having to hire them yourself.

With the Managed Services Model, users have cost-efficient access to a secure overall concept comprising technical knowledge, access systems, and proven software and hardware. On hand for proficient operation are genua partners, who already have expertise in this field. They also bring with them access to machine and plant manufacturers – which is especially valuable during the implementation phase. This enables users to gradually learn about the Managed Services Remote Maintenance Solution from experts. As a result, operators are able to concentrate fully on their business and their own core competencies, and not only during the initial phase.

Collaboration keeps you flexible and up to date

Planning and projects require less effort and the operating costs of the security infrastructure decrease because you only have to pay for the services that you actually need. Another advantage of Managed Services is that it gives you flexibility while also ensuring that you stay up to date: Outsourcing IT tasks to specialized service providers enables users to respond flexibly to changes and to scale the security solutions. At the same time, genua partners stand for innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that ensure, for example, that the latest software version is being used. And all this without having to tie up your own resources.

Reasons Why

Remote Maintenance solution genubox, that satisfies all BSI recommendations for Secure Remote Maintenance in industrial environments

Secure Remote Maintenance provided as a complete service package thanks to Managed Services from authorized genua partners and the secure genua technology

Cost-efficient licensing model instead of expensive investment on your own infrastructure

Expert adivce from and operation by genua partners

Continuous product training directly from the manufacturer

Clear and focused concepts and established solution competencies

Optimal security with low operational effort

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