Windows 10 VPN Software Client Protects Remote Communication in Sensitive Networks

Kirchheim, April 26, 2021. With genuconnect, German IT security specialist genua offers a highly secure remote security solution for laptops or tablets with Microsoft Windows 10. The new VPN software client strictly shields the communication connection between the sensitive IT networks of companies or official public bodies and mobile devices – on the road, from the home office or at external locations.

genuconnect does this by automatically establishing a highly secure, encrypted communication network that meets the highest security requirements. The product is currently in the approval process performed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for use up to the German classification level "Restricted". Solutions approved for this field of use must satisfy a significantly higher level of protection than standard solutions.

Maximum Security, High Usability

genuconnect combines proven IPsec technology with BSI-compliant crypto algorithms. In combination with a common smart card, the VPN software client ensures reliable protection at the highest level against hacker attacks or unauthorized access. All crypto components of the VPN technology were developed in Germany by genua, a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group.

genuconnect is compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem and is managed with Windows tools for installation, configuration, updates and uninstallation. Setup is performed using a configuration that is identical for all client computers and users: Only a trustworthy CA certificate and the addresses of the VPN remote peers are required. Time-consuming adaptation of the configuration for each user is eliminated.

"genuconnect uses all relevant Windows mechanisms according to the principle of 'maximum security with minimum administrative effort'," says Matthias Ochs, Managing Director of genua GmbH. "As a software solution, this VPN client perfectly complements our range for highly secure mobile work, alongside the personal security device genucard and the security laptop vs-top with integrated hard disk encryption."

Scalable to More Than 100,000 VPN Clients

genuconnect can be used with common smart cards that are issued by the public key infrastructure (PKI) of the organization. The solution can easily be scaled for setups with more than 100,000 VPN clients.

Companies and public authorities that already use approved products for hard disk encryption can easily supplement these with the new IT security solution.


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With genuconnect, mobile end devices such as Windows 10 laptops or tablets can be securely connected to internal IT networks. The VPN software client is fully integrated in Windows and is managed with Windows tools.
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Further Information

About genua

genua GmbH is an enabler of the digital transformation. We secure sensitive IT networks in the public and enterprise sectors, for critical infrastructure organizations and in industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy with highly secure and scalable cyber security solutions. In doing so, genua GmbH focuses on the comprehensive protection of networks, communication and internal network security for IT and OT. The range of solutions spans from firewalls and gateways, VPNs, remote maintenance systems, internal network security and cloud security to remote access solutions for mobile employees and home offices.

genua GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With more than 400 employees, it develops and produces IT security solutions exclusively in Germany. Since the founding of the company in 1992, regular certifications and approvals from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provide proof of the high security and quality standards of the products. Customers include, among others, Arvato Systems, BMW, the German Armed Services, THW as well as the Würth Group.


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