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IT Security Check by genua: Focus on Organization, Processes and Technology

Prevention Instead of Reaction

The requirements on information security are increasing in companies. Recently, IT security legislation brought new, strict requirements. Is your company up to date with respect to IT security?

Benefit From These Advantages with the IT Security Check

  • Quick and simple overview of your information security landscape
  • Testing of IT attack scenarios
  • Reduction of IT security incidents
  • Efficient resource planning through prioritization of the required actions
  • High-quality final report
  • Independent and neutral

Bring Excellent Technical Knowledge Into Your Company

The IT security experts from genua have solid consultancy experience and are very familiar with IT security standards.

With our support, you keep an overview of the areas of activity that are decisive for your organization and the technologies in the complex and dynamic field of information security.

We create concrete and targeted action plans for you and support you during their implementation with our IT experts. 



On-site survey

  • Analysis, evaluation and determination of the measures necessary

Requirements plan package (optional)

  • Evaluation and coordination of the requirements plan
  • Development of a general concept for implementation of the required measures


Min. 5

Transparency Right From the Start

Our experts carefully analyze your organization’s level of IT security. They ensure clarity and check your documentation in coordination with your specialist department.

  • Status quo check of your information security management
  • Level of maturity determination: organizational, procedural, technical
  • Testing in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 27001, a future-proof process for evaluating your IT security
  • Internal audit on-site in your company


Requirements Plan Package (optional)

  • Targeted support during the development of an action plan and a rough concept for optimizing your information security landscape
  • Determination of the areas of activity based on the results of a joint assessment meeting
  • Development of an action plan in workshops with the responsible staff