GS.Gate: High Security Digitization with Cloud Edge Gateway

The status and performance data of machines can provide valuable information: When do parts that are subject to wear and tear have to be replaced before they cause expensive downtime – aka predictive maintenance? To what extent are machines being utilized, where can processes be improved? Using this information, you can improve efficiency and productivity, save costs and remain competitive.  

To access the information, you need to network your machines – connect the OT with the IT. It is, however, extremely important here that the digitization in the sensitive OT area does not open any doors for cyber-attacks that could endanger your IT security.

It is exactly this requirement – providing maximum security during the collection, processing and provision of machine data – that motivated the Schubert System Elektronik company and genua to develop the Cloud Edge Gateway GS.Gate. 

Top Highlights

  • Edge computing on high-performance hardware

  • Broad usage spectrum and security by design for a high protection level

  • Defense in depth in one device through innovative separation technology

All benefits of gS.Gate at a glance

  • Broad usage spectrum through wide range of functions: edge gateway, edge computing, VPN, remote maintenance, and firewall 
  • Future-proof: addition and operation of further Docker applications through resource-heavy, high-performance hardware
  • Defense-in-depth on an appliance with 100 % "Security Made in Germany"
  • Secure data processing and transfer: hardened microkernel operating system separates and secures the application area with Docker containers
  • Long-term compatibility through Docker software platform in the of the application area
  • Security and analysis applications can be implemented as Docker container
  • Network protection: secure data transfer to external targets via VPN connection, e.g., to IoT clouds
  • Secure, controlled and flexible integration of the connected machines in the network as well as secure remote access 
  • Maintenance-free industrial hardware


Cloud Edge Gateway with Analysis Applications and Security Systems

GS.Gate can be connected to any machine independent of manufacturer and provides two separate compartments running in a single compact industrial case: In one you can install your individual application as machine manufacturer, specialized service provider or operator using Docker. This application retrieves status information and performance data from the machine and executes the required analyses. Already at this stage, the important information that you need for your comprehensive industrial analytics is filtered out here from the collected data.

Located in the second compartment is a firewall as well as the remote access component for secure remote maintenance access. The information gathered via the firewall is strongly encrypted and transferred to the cloud via the Internet. At the same time, the firewall reliably protects the gateway and the machine that is thereby networked from cyber attacks. The remote access component enables remote maintenance access to the connected machine. These connections are encrypted, authenticated and can be monitored at any time through video recording.

Partners Develop Best-of-Breed IIoT Solution

We developed GS.Gate together with Schubert System Elektronik GmbH (SSE).

SSE specializes in industrial computer technology and belongs to the Gerhard Schubert GmbH company group. The group is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery and digitization solutions for the industry. In developing GS.Gate, we combined our know-how. The result is a best-of-breed IIoT solution that allows you to securely use the advantages of digitization.

Security by Design Guarantees a High Level of Protection

To achieve a high level of protection at the critical interface between OT and IT, GS.Gate was designed according to the Security by Design principle. Thus, the data processing applications that communicate with the machine are strictly separated from the security systems that protect the communication and interface to the external network. Each of the separated areas is equipped with its own operating system as well as permanently allocated hardware resources – there are no overlaps here. This is made possible by a microkernel operating system that runs on the lowest level on GS.Gate and creates strictly separated areas.

The advantage: Only specially hardened security systems are exposed to the external network. These are kept up-to-date through regular updates, thereby providing protection against all current threats. You can operate the data processing applications behind this strong protective shield without constant interventions through updates and patches – thereby avoiding changes or even interruptions to your finely-tuned processes. The Cloud Edge Gateway GS.Gate thereby guarantees smooth-running processes with a level of IIoT security that sets new standards in the industrial sector.

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