Deutsche Telekom Security Relies on genua for Managed Service of Industrial Remote Maintenance

  • Company of The Bundesdruckerei Group supplies secure remote maintenance solution for Magenta Remote Access Service MSIRAS

  • With Open Telecom Cloud, genubox and IT security solutions, industrial customers receive a comprehensive range of solutions “Made in Germany” from a single source

Nuremberg, Germany, October 12, 2023, it-sa – With the Magenta Secure Industrial Remote Access Service – abbreviated MSIRAS – Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH offers a new managed service package for secure remote maintenance in industry (Industrial RAS). For remote access in sensitive industrial networks, the IT security provider makes use here of a highly secure technology from the IT security specialist genua GmbH, a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. genubox was developed in Germany specifically for industrial environments and satisfies all recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for secure remote maintenance.

Unsecure Remote Maintenance Among the Top Ten Cyber Threats

In systems for production and process automation (industrial control systems, ICS), e.g., in energy supply, factory automation or traffic control technology, external access points are very common for maintenance purposes. These are necessary as the respective manufacturers and external service providers must often be called upon for maintenance and programming of components. According to the BSI, among the most critical and commonly occurring threats to industrial control system security is the use of such remote maintenance points by cyber criminals to break in – and the trend is rising.

Secure Remote Maintenance with MSIRAS

As a result, the demand for secure remote maintenance solutions and accompanying managed services is high. MSIRAS addresses this demand as a trustworthy complete solution “Made in Germany” that combines the expertise of Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH and genua GmbH. It is characterized, in particular, by

  • the high-security remote maintenance solution genubox with the central management solution genucenter,

  • a trustworthy, virtual private cloud (VPC) hosted in Germany

  • as well as extensive managed security services

For the secure remote maintenance access point, the MSIRAS architecture hosts a genubox rendezvous server from genua with the corresponding central management system genucenter in a virtual private cloud (VPC) within the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). Within the cloud, the VPC is fully separated from the instances of other clients. The rendezvous architecture of genubox ensures that only authorized external users obtain access to previously specified services and target systems and then only at an agreed-upon time and for the specified period. For this purpose, genubox features a fine-grained, sophisticated rights and role system and is suitable for a very targeted access control, including the implementation of zero-trust concepts. Moreover, the system enables an SIEM connection and offers logging functions as well as a video recording function for revision-optimized documentation of all maintenance work.

MSIRAS, on the basis of genubox, thereby enables the central management of remote maintenance access points with complete control over maintenance action, access time, target and accessing instance. Depending on customer requirements, the configuration of the remote maintenance solution can be completely outsourced to Deutsche Telekom Security or performed by the customer within the framework of shared management via a separate management tunnel.

Comprehensive Engineering Services and Managed Services

With their more than 1,600 security experts, Deutsche Telekom Security supports MSIRAS customers according to their needs during the realization of the remote access, from the rough planning of the architecture and testing of the location requirements to the integration planning and migration to the operation, including CERT management and monitoring.

“The combination of the strengths of Deutsche Telekom Security in the cloud and network sector with our remote maintenance solution offers customers a managed service from a single source and OT security “Made in Germany,” explains Markus Maier, Product Owner for Industrial Products at genua GmbH. “Customers can thereby quickly establish remote maintenance that is compliant with a basic level of protection whose infrastructure – all the way to the interface at the customer location – is completely operated by Telekom.”

Further information

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Conceptional representation of the MSIRAS architecture


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About genua

Based in Kirchheim near Munich, genua GmbH secures sensitive IT networks in the public and enterprise sectors, for critical infrastructure organizations and in industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy with highly secure and scalable cyber security solutions. In doing so, the company has been focusing on the comprehensive protection of networks, communication and internal network security for IT and OT for more than 30 years. The range of solutions spans from firewalls and gateways, virtual private networks, remote maintenance systems, internal network security and cloud security to remote access solutions for mobile work and the home office.

genua GmbH is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With more than 400 employees, it develops and produces IT security solutions exclusively in Germany. Since the founding of the company in 1992, regular certifications and approvals from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provide proof of the high security and quality standards of the products. Customers include, among others, Arvato Systems, BMW, the German Armed Services, THW as well as the Würth Group.

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