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Protect your IoT Network with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Networked production environments offer many targets for cyber attacks – the cognitix Threat Defender provides you with reliable protection.

In addition to the many advantages offered by Industry 4.0 and IoT with the increasing networking of OT and IT systems, the development also harbors risks: OT networks and logistics processes are increasingly susceptible to attacks on sensitive plant and company data.

The integration of the cognitix Threat Defender in your network protects you from this type of attack. With threat intelligence, AI and data analytics functions, it offers reliable protection for your IT infrastructure.


Network Security through Network Analysis

The new security platforms functions in a unique way: the cognitix Threat Defender analyzes your network in real time, automatically identifies dangers and isolates them.

cognitix Threat Defender

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IT Security in Production Networks

There is an urgent need for action with regard to IT security in production networks, because the further networking of machines and systems through Industry 4.0 and IoT considerably increases the security risks. With the new security solution, the cognitix Threat Defender, security in OT networks can be increased.