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genuscreen 40G VPN: Secure High-Speed Transfer of  Large Quantities of Data with FPGA Technology

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) allow for exceptionally fast signal processing. Benefiting from this advantage is the new VPN gateway from genua, which encrypts high-speed transfers of large quantities of data and offers especially strong protection.

genuscreen 40G VPN is based on solutions from genua that are used in the public sector and by companies with an obligation to maintain secrecy. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can connect multiple locations in a high-performance manner. The VPN solution can easily be integrated in existing ecosystems; technical advice and customer service are provided directly by the manufacturer.

Top Highlights

  • Secure high-speed transfer of large quantities of data

  • High data throughput with very low latency independent of the packet mix

  • Simple and fast integration in existing ecosystems

All benefits of genuscreen 40G VPN at a glance

  • High speed and low latency even with IPsec
  • Up to 500 simultaneous connections in each direction
  • Approval for the classification level German VS-NfD is scheduled
  • VPN technology "Made in Germany"
  • Simple and fast integration in existing ecosystems
  • Customer service directly from the manufacturer

Increased Performance Thanks to Modern FPGA Technology

For the processing of large quantities of data, it has been possible up to now to use VPN systems in clusters, which bundle the performance of multiple appliances.

genuscreen 40G VPN was developed for the fast transfer of large quantities of data with one system. Thanks to modern FPGA technology, it is possible, for example, to interconnect multiple data centers or locations with up to 2 x 40 Gbit per second with constantly low latency.

The IPsec standard ensures compliant encryption on layer 3 here. Encrypted frames remain routable thanks to encapsulation in IP and IPsec ESP headers.

Strong Protection for Your Data

genuscreen 40G VPN is based on VPN solutions used by official public bodies and companies in the restricted data sector for the processing of classified information.

As a German manufacturer of IT security solutions, genua offers an extensive range of products with BSI approval, including VPN systems and various clients. Approval for the classification level German VS-NfD is scheduled for genuscreen 40G VPN.

Solutions from genua already feature quantum computer-resistant software signatures and are, thus, already effective against future IT security risks today.

Location Connection with VPN Concentrator

genuscreen 40G VPN enables a high data throughput independent of the packet mix yet with very low latency. This advantage is mainly seen in demanding applications such as securing VoIP or video conferences.


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